Annual Membership Application for Rifle Shooters


Annual Membership Application for Rifle Shooters

from 10.00

Does your Firearms Licence only include Category A and B or are you intending to use only Category A and B firearms at SSAA Practical Shooting SA Inc? If so then kindly proceed with this application.

Under Section 74 of the Firearms Regulations 2017 as a shooting club we are not able to grant an application for membership unless you provide the following;

  • A current Firearms Licence.

  • Or an approval letter issued by the SAPOL Registrar to the applicant within the preceding 60 days.

If you don’t have Licence Category 1 (Shooting Club), after you join we will run you through an approved course at the club to obtain it.

Kindly complete this application then scan or photograph and email your Firearms Licence or required Document to or post them to The Secretary, SSAA Practical Shooting SA Inc, PO Box 223, Woodcroft SA 5162

*** It is a necessary prerequisite to membership of any SSAA Club that you must first be a member of the Sporting Shooters Association of Australia Inc national body. Signup or renew membership here. For your Preferred Club/Branch (S37) select “Practical Shooting SA”. ***

Note that SSAA SA generously pays the annual National membership fee for all Junior Shooters up to 18 years of age. Contact us to arrange this.

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