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Obtaining Your Firearms Licence

At Practical Shooting SA we have SAPOL Accredited Firearm Safety Training Instructors who conduct regular approved courses for those wanting Firearms Licence A1 and/or B1 and/or H1 (Shooting Club).

The links below contain helpful information about obtaining your Firearms Licence (PD303). The application process can appear complex and it is important that you tick the correct boxes for your requirements. Therefore don’t hesitate to contact us and we will happily assist with any questions and guidance.

No Firearms Licence is required to visit or ‘come and try’ shooting at our Club under the direct supervision of our instructors. However you must have photo ID and not be prohibited from using a firearm.

A Guide to complete your Firearms Licence Application

SSAA SA Firearms Licence Information

SAPOL - Apply for a Firearms Licence

Firearms Act 2015

Firearms Regulations 2017