Practical Rifle Skills Course

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Practical Rifle Skills Course

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Join us on the 22nd of June for our first Practical Rifle Skills Course. You will learn everything you need to start competing in our club events, as well as the growing Practical Rifle discipline.

Rusty, Travie and other members from the club with extensive competition/training experience will be hosting you for the day. $50 for members, $100 for non-members.

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The course will cover the following topics

  • Shooting Fundamentals

  • Using ballistic calculators

  • Obtaining data accurately

  • Calibration of data

  • Basic wind reading

  • Making your data work for you

  • Breaking down stages

  • Fundamentals of positional shooting

  • Equipment use

Running from 9am until 4pm at SSAA Practical Rifle SA, bring along your rifle/scope package, at least 60 rounds of ammunition, and something for lunch, and learn from some of the most experienced shooters in the club/discipline.