Training H1 - Handguns


At Practical Shooting SA we have SAPOL Accredited Firearm Safety Training Instructors who conduct regular approved courses for those wanting to qualify for a Category H (Handgun) Firearms Licence.

To qualify for Handgun (H1) you must first obtain SAPOL approval, a National Police Check and 2 references. Then the training course comprises of a minimum 2 x Classroom safety and theory lessons and the following 6 (or more if required) practical lessons, 2 x Handgun semi-auto .22 rimfire, 2 x Handgun semi-auto 9mm centrefire and 2 x Revolver .357 centrefire. There is a $150 fee to cover the cost of the ammunition and items that you use. Register here. 

After successfully completing the course and being issued with H1 you are not able to possess any Handgun for 6 months, then until 1 year has passed there are strict limits on the types of Handguns that you can own. Annually you must participate in at least 6 Club organised competitive shooting matches for any single Handgun Category that you hold. If you have Handguns from multiple Categories, then a minimum of 4 matches for each Category is required.

Category 1 – air or gas operated handguns
Category 2 – .22 calibre rimfire handguns (long rifle or short)
Category 3 – centrefire handguns of not more than .38 calibre
Category 4 – handguns of more than .38 calibre

Handgun Safety and Proficiency Training Manual

SSAA SA Holster Qualification Manual